I have tried an obscene amount of diets and weight loss systems.  I will be devoting an entire blog to them in the future, and why they didn’t work.  However, I have always tried to at least get one “take away” from the experience.   When Nutrisystem first came around they had workbooks and meetings.   The one lesson I learned when I read the materials was about moving.  Incorporate moving into everything and anything.

There are so many ways that you can incorporate moving into your regular routine. When talking on the phone you can get a headset or put the phone on speaker and fold the laundry.   While cooking dinner you can put on some music and have a little sway or bounce, hippy hippy shake while you’re stirring up the pot.  If you live close to the market, to your children’s school, put in a walk instead of driving.  Don’t look for the closest parking spot while running errands or at the office, take the furthest spot away from the front door.

When cleaning your house be more purposeful.   When you are dusting really take to heart the expression of “using elbow grease”.  If you live in a house with two floors you might have been trying to group things together that have to go to the other level.  Make those extra trips instead of waiting.

Some of the fittest people I know also happen to love food. It’s as if it is an art form to them.  They talk about it as if they are creating a work of art from a master painter. I thought how could this be?   I’m not even that colorful when thinking or talking about food yet it captures my every thought.   However, what I noticed is that they are always moving and when they move they move fast!   Just walking from the parking lot to the mall with these people is a workout. When they clean their house it’s like a game show contest – speed cleaning.   For me, I could take 3 hours cleaning just my bathroom. I’m in my own little world taking my time. Which actually makes no sense. Who wants to spend more time cleaning a bathroom – get it over with!

We all know that it makes sense that in order to be healthy or to lose weight your body needs to be active.  It is so true when they say “a body in motion stays in motion”.  I feel it all the time, especially if I’ve learned something new.   It’s as if my body wants to repeat that move throughout the day.   If you’ve never exercised, just start moving, then move more and move faster!

I Wear Queensize

Throughout my youth the response from people and my own self-image fluctuated from shame to feeling “special”.  In fifth grade we performed in a mini skit that was a parody of commercials that reflected what was airing at the time.  Leggs pantyhose were popular and we decided to do a little live commercial as part of the skits.  Naturally it was decided my line at the end was… “and I wear Queensize.”

One by one the skits were performed and the reaction from the audience was boredom.  I felt embarrassed for the other performers.  The silence was awkward.  Then it was time for the Leggs commercial and my acting debut.   I remember being terrified for many reasons.   Acting in front of the audience and the reaction of my line in particular.  I still remember what I wore, where I was in the room, etc.  I had a purple silk blouse, purple velvet skirt and black boots.   I thought I looked “normal” and not someone who would be labeled as needing queensize anything.

The skit started and my cue was up, I did my swirl, held up the Leggs “egg” and said “and I wear Queensize!”  The audience roared!!!   Even though I knew I was poking fun at myself I was relieved that I entertained.  It was confusing for me because I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel.   The laughter felt happy and not hateful.  It exemplified the notion of whether people were laughing with me or at me.  I never knew the answer but I didn’t take up acting after that 🙂    Thank you for reading!




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