Big Is Beautiful, “butt” ……

I see so much lately on social media with women and companies promoting larger ladies.   They want to mainstream the idea that Big if Beautiful.   Yes, it is, everyone is beautiful.  But when I see these women, I get anxiety for them.  It’s wonderful to love yourself.  It’s wonderful to accept yourself.  It’s wonderful to have confidence.  And these feelings are crucial.  However, are you loving yourself if you’re not taking care of your body physically?

I appreciate the need to have clothes in a comfortable size.  When I was obese dozens of years ago, I had to shop in the ladies department instead of the teen department.   Or I would try to squeeze into the largest size and be uncomfortable.  So, I get the need for all sizes in fashion.   That said, would I have been motivated to lose weight and the reality of my size been a factor?

There might be larger ladies that consider themselves healthy.  But to what extent?   Doesn’t it make sense that if you are carrying extra weight your body is working that much harder?  Your organs are still “normal” size and do not grow larger to compensate for the extra pounds.  If I were to say to you to carry this 10-pound bag of potatoes around for the day you’re going to feel it.   I’m not saying 10-pounds is alarming, it’s just to provide a visual.

As someone who has seen many different sizes I will tell you being at a healthy weight is LIFE CHANGING!  There is no better feeling to be active without being out of breath or in pain.   It’s not just strength in exercising or anything competitive.   It’s energy and strength in everyday life.  You would be amazed as I was that the simple act of cutting vegetables was easier for me or scrubbing/cleaning my house.   That “elbow grease” as they say becomes much easier.

I used to hear the expression many times over that “nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels”.  It is so true!!!  That feeling when you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to start your day.   I used to stare at my closet wondering what I could wear that fit without giving me a headache by the end of the day.  Now I just grab anything knowing I won’t have an issue.  There are countless benefits and not just the little things but your overall health.  Your blood pressure is impacted, the risk of diabetes, the risk of injury to your joints.   Your feet should not have to carry all that extra weight.

If you are going to buy fabulous clothes that fit you now, try getting those things that will grow “down” with you.   In other words, a nice loose fitting dress can be belted down the road if you lose a few or many pounds.  Many tops look good fitted as well a loose.   Pants are a little harder to adjust but I’m sure there are some out there.  Feel great and confident at who you are and reward yourself by making yourself a priority to be healthy and truly live your ultimate best life.    You can absolutely do this!!!

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