I’m All In

As I mentioned previously in another blog, I am struggling. I have the skills to lose weight. I am a self- proclaimed expert having a life time of observation, and experience. However, being sixty years old now requires more effort and an all out “war” on weight loss.

I must do it all. I must think it all. I must pull out all the stops to retrain and reprogram my brain.  And, above all, I need help. I need to immerse myself in the “all things and all tools weight-loss.”

Optavia/Lean Cuisine:

I had already become a member of Optavia so I’m continuing with some of their prepared foods. I like this because I don’t have to think about what to have or spend a lot of time prepping.

A note about Optavia:   I only do the food. I was turned off by the push to become a coach and use it as income driver. I did not like that I couldn’t be upfront about the cost of food and the program overall. That said, SO many people have had AMAZING success with it. Check it out on your own if you think this might fit for you.

Activated You:

A supplement that I put into my Optavia shake to give me nutrients that I need. They say I’ll notice that I’ll feel better in two weeks. Let’s see!

Jane Fonda’s New Workout:

My go-to workout. It truly is one of the best workouts still to this day. I believe it first came out in the early 1980s.  But I tell you it works everything and has cardio.


This is new for me. Have no idea what it really is or if it will work. To be continued.

Apple Watch:

I set my own goals for standing, exercise, and calories burned. It’s fun to watch the “rings” close when I have achieved one of my goals.

Vision Board:

My favorite thing to do is put my goals on a board. It’s creative and fun. I have about four others. I create new ones as goals are realized or I decide a different path.


Weight loss app. Again, many success stories. What I like is that they really want you to succeed. In the beginning they give you payment options on a tier based on what you can afford. How amazing is that!?  They also are not afraid to have other diet program foods listed in their calorie count. Not sure if this will work but I like their company culture so far.

I’m curious what works for others over the age of 60.  Please share.   In the meantime, I will be a walking billboard for the weight loss industry.

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